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What To Expect

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We want to be an extension of our client’s family or business endeavor, not just a vendor. 

What to expect when working with Couto DeFranco 
Clients who work with Couto DeFranco Wealth Management can expect a four-step process when working with our team, resulting in a highly customized plan reflecting each client’s unique financial goals. Our planning framework allows us to provide the most convenient and comprehensive service to our clients.  

Step 1: Listen and Learn 

Our first step allows us to get to know our clients. We listen to your goals and dreams, your concerns, and your worries. Our clients have a wide array of goals that include saving for a home, starting or scaling a business, funding education, planning for retirement, or preserving wealth for their children and grandchildren. We take the time to sit down together to understand your individual situation, identify your priorities, individual risk tolerance and ideal timelines. We use this phase to gain a deep understanding of our clients, providing our team with an excellent foundation to craft a customized financial plan. 

Step 2: Gather Information 

Next, we provide a list of items for you to provide us with to help us fully understand your current financial situation. It will also help us to better look for opportunities to improve your financial outlook. This may include income, expenses, assets, liabilities, existing investments, insurance policies, tax returns and other relevant documents. Reviewing this information helps us determine which strategies to recommend and guides the development of your customized financial plan. 

Step 3: Plan Development 

Taking what we have learned during the information gathering phase, we develop a financial plan that will serve as a roadmap for you and for how we will work together going forward. The plan will take into account your unique needs and allow us to collaborate together to plan for key life events. We will also make sure the plan is flexible enough to account for the unknown and your changing goals. We will identify any gaps in your coverage, suggest steps to take toward retirement and identify the best steps to set up an estate plan.

Step 4: Implementation and Management 

Once we have an agreed-upon plan, we begin the implementation phase. Our team begins implementing solutions so you can start living your best financial future. We may help set up investment or retirement accounts during this phase or purchase insurance policies to manage your risk. We’ll establish a regular cadence for meetings with you so we can remain in the loop and stay up to date on changes in your life or goals. We always stay in touch with you about important regulatory changes and market developments that might impact your plan, accounts, and investments. And you can reach out to us at anytime.